Stanthorpe Camera Club

Wendy Dutton , Highest scoring image 2023


The Camera Club is a group of amateur photographers who meet monthly to share their knowledge of photography. 

We meet in the Learning Centre at the State high School on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.30 p.m.

  The club’s affiliated body is the Photographic Society of Queensland.

Please contact us by email  stanthorpecameraclub@gmail.com

Annual membership fee is $25.00

Monthly competitions are held on varying subjects and educational sessions are held during the year.

Please Note; All photos on this web site are copyright and the property of their makers. No photo can be copied in any way without the permission of the maker.

Committee Details | Monthly subjects | Previous Monthly Winners are here

Photoshoot Results

Here are the coming events


May “Summer”

April “Industry”

March “Faith”

February “Frozen”

January “Insect/s”


November “Creative” 

October “Line/s”


September “Shadow/s”

August  “Human Enviroment”

July “Books” 

June “Triptych”

May “Open Space”