Years Program

2018-2019 Program

Goomburra Walk 17March  click to view preouting

Goomurra Walk  click to view map

Outing Meeting Program Campout
September 23rd ‘Mt. Patti” Holly Patti 26th Central Australia Rob and Trish McCosker
October 21st  Joint Outing with

Queensland Nats

24th Eucalypt Beetles Gunter Maywald
November 25th Scenic Drive NP’s of N. England Rob McCosker 28th Canberra & Floriade Kris Carnell
December 9th Christmas Breakup Kris and Margaret Carnell
February 24th Insect Collecting Gunter Maywald 27th Insects of Aust. Gunter Maywald
March 24th TBA 27th TBA 1st-3rd Lionsville-Solferino Rob and Trish McCosker
April 14th Timbarra N P Gunter Maywald 24th Fungi Paul Knox
May 19th Spicers Gap David Wilson 22nd The Gulf and Back David Wilson
June 23rd Mt Ferguson/Sow &Pigs Kris Carnell 26th Kris Carnell
July 21st Butterleaf NP TTFD Nats/Rob McCosker 24th Annual Meeting Remember Last Year
August 25th Amiens Forest Jeanie Wylie 28th ANN Victoria Jeff Campbell
September 22nd Basket Swamp Jeff Campbell 25th African Safari Gunter Maywald 1st-7th Dirranbandi Karyn and Len


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