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Pre outing report “Mt Patti” 23rd September 2018

Leader: Holly Patti 0421288216
We will meet at Weerona Park at 9am and then drive to our property “Mt Patti” a short 5 minute trip away (plenty of parking). Our property is 21 acres and backs on to the Mt Banca Conservation Reserve. Mt Banca, which we have nicknamed “Mt Patti” is I estimate to be about 915 metres above sea level, and about 100 metres higher than the Stanthorpe township.
Carry morning tea and lunch, and from the cars we will walk a short distance up a grassy slope to the saddle of the Mt Banca Ridge. At this time last year this area was very wet due to short amount of sun received here, and there were masses of green hood orchids (Pteryostylis nutans and curta).  I walk this track most weekends and it is currently very, very dry with no sign of the orchids yet.
From the saddle we will continue up a short, steep, rough track of rocks, loose leaf litter and some slabs. You may like to bring hiking poles if you need. On the way to the summit there is an open slab with views to the south west. There are several fig trees growing on rocks around this area. There are limited views from the actual summit but a short walk to the east takes us to a small rock slab with a spectacular view over the town. This would be a lovely place for morning tea. The walk to here from the cars is only around 25 minutes but I expect us to arrive there about 10:30 after sightseeing  on the way up. There is a little track leading to the underside of the lookout rock which shows just how much of the lookout slab is actually precariously overhanging. I have several times seen a Spotted Quail Thrush in this area.
We will return to the saddle via the same track with options of exploring the boulders on the way down. There are several Dockrillia linguifromis (Tongue Orchid) on the rocks on Mt Patti, which hopefully will be in flower. From the saddle we can visit the ridge to the south west. There is no made track but it is a short distance with good views. Long pants/gaiters and gloves would be handy as it can be scrubby and there is a fair bit of prickly blackthorn. This would be a suitable place for lunch. I visited this area late last year and towards the edge of the ridge there was a large natural bee hive in an old tree.
Return will be back to the saddle then a short walk through open forest to the cars. I have often seen Wonga Pigeon and Rose Robin in this area.  Currently the wattle and snowbush is coming into flower and I have seen lots of Hovea graniticola. Hopefully we receive some rain before the walk and see a lot more wildflowers and orchids.
I estimate this walk to be a grade 8, with the overall distance travelled appropriately 2.5 kms in total.


2018-2019 Program


OutingMeeting ProgramCampout
September23rd ‘Mt. Patti” Holly Patti26th Central Australia Rob and Trish McCosker
October21st  Joint Outing with

Queensland Nats

24th Eucalypt Beetles Gunter Maywald
November25th Scenic Drive NP’s of N. England Rob McCosker28th Canberra & Floriade Kris Carnell
December9th Christmas Breakup Kris and Margaret Carnell
February24th Insect Collecting Gunter Maywald27th Insects of Aust. Gunter Maywald
March24th Mt Ferguson / Sow & Pigs Kris Carnell27th TBA Kris Carnell8-10th Lionsville-Solferino Rob and Trish McCosker
April14th Timbarra N P Gunter Maywald24th Fungi Paul Knox
May19th Spicers Gap David Wilson22nd The Gulf and Back David Wilson
June23rd Goomburra Lesley Saunders26th Stanthorpe Rob McCosker
July21st Butterleaf NP TTFD Nats/Rob McCosker24th Annual Meeting Remember Last Year
August25th Amiens Forest Jeanie Wylie28th ANN Victoria Jeff Campbell
September22nd Basket Swamp Jeff Campbell25th African Safari Gunter Maywald1st-7th Dirranbandi Karyn and Len


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