The Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre provides an ever-growing range of services that respond to the unmet needs of individuals, families and the Granite Belt communities since 1986.

Our services and ways of working are underpinned by the philosophical principles and practices of the ARACY Common Approach.  ARACY is a practical approach to improving the wellbeing of individuals and families as self-reported by them using 6 dimensions:

  • Loved and safe
  • Healthy
  • Learning
  • Material basics
  • Identity and culture
  • Participating



A vibrant organisation growing, building and nurturing our community



Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre’s goals are to:

    1. Respond to unmet and/or emerging needs of individuals, families and Granite Belt communities within available capacity
    2. Recruit, orientate and professionally develop appropriate staff (paid and/or volunteer)
    3. Be sustainable and legally compliant
    4. Consolidate organisational systems and processes in 1st year, then hence forth pursue opportunities that a) grow funding for existing programs, b) fund new programs and/or c) work collaboratively with other agencies to address identified unmet and/or emerging need

CDS/GBNC Strategic Plan

Organisational Structure

Key Business Imperatives 

  • Improve the awareness of GBNC and its services within the Granite Belt community.
  • Continue to build a strong and focused sense team internal to GBNC that is committed to working with GBNC clients in a way that is respectful, dignified, protective of their privacy and brings to life the tenets of the ARACY framework.
  • By 2022 have secured current contracts for further contract periods, find additional contracts that builds a continuum of support across the lifespan and/or that address identified gaps in service delivery.
  • Governance succession planning of the Executive positions in particular.

Management Committee:

President: Fran Hodgson   –

Vice President: Kerrylee Anderson

Vice President: Kev Armstrong

Treasurer: Vicki Cavanagh

Secretary: Gail Baxter

Committee Members:

Betsy Pay

Jim Barnes

Management –   Jennifer Leigh OAM – Service Manager  –